Kearny, NJ Firehouse Visit

by Tom Bivin on August 29, 2017 · 0 comments

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Thanks to the Kearny Fire Department, and especially Fire Chief Robert Osborn, for giving us a great tour of their restored firehouse, which now serves as a museum and meeting hall! The photo on the left shows the mat that would catch people jumping out of burning buildings (though is now covered with patches), and the photo on the right shows the fire helmets of retired firemen and women, as well as hanging pictures of notable fires that were fought in Kearny. Below is a photo of some of the earliest fire helmets dating back to the late 1800s-early 20th century. Did you know that each man’s head is measure to create a helmet with an individualized precise fit?!

Thank you Kearny Fire Department for all you do for the community and preserving this wonderful part of Meadowlands history!


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